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Excel Invoice Template For Free! How To Create it?

invoice template

(Sample of Invoice Template)
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Excel is a spreadsheet program that helps to make calculation like additions, subtractions, and multiplication quite easily. This makes excel spreadsheet an excellent tool for creating invoices. Invoice varies according to the type of business and Excel helps to keep track of the invoices and related activities on them with the help of invoice templates. These templates come along with the software, which can also be downloaded from the Microsoft website, if needed. In addition, excel also allows you to create an individualized invoice apart from its standard invoice template option.

How To Create Excel Invoice Template In Excel 2010:

For easy access, online templates are integrated in to MS Excel which can be used as such or used as a foundation for building an invoice that suits your particular business. When you use excel invoice template, the hard work of creating and duplicating mathematical formulas has been already done for you. The step by step procedure for creating invoice in excel 2010 is as follows

A. Downloading an Invoice template in MS Excel:

1. Open Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program, and select File button highlighted on the left-top-corner of the screen.

2. A list of menus will be displayed, now select New. This selection will normally open a new spreadsheet, instead invoice template should be selected to create an invoice.

3. To open invoice templates, select Templates, and then select Invoices after examining it for relevance to your needs. For example, invoices like Basic Invoice, Service Invoice, or Sales invoice should be selected. Once selected, click the Download button which will be located at the bottom, right-hand side of the screen and save it in your computer.

4. Now located the downloaded template in your computer and open it. When the invoice template opens, you can prepare the invoice by making necessary changes according to your needs. For example, changing Business name, address, amount, as well as other categories.

B. Customizing the MS Excel Invoice Template:

Invoice templates in MS Excel are quite easy to customize and use. You can customize it by adding your company logo in to this template.

1. Double-click the box that you find on the upper, left-corner of the worksheet. Now you can see changes in the Excel menu, click Change Picture, and browse for an image of your company logo and select it. The image that you select will be automatically resized by excel and places it on the box.

2. Replace Your Company, Company Slogan, Address, telephone number, and Sales Tax Rate with appropriate information. You can also change the way Discounts are applied. You can also change font size, styles, cell formatting, and any other aspects of the template and personalize them according to your needs.

Once the personal invoice template is ready, you can create your invoice by simply adding or editing few cells with the required information. After the invoice is created with the required information, save it with a suitable name.

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How to generate invoice numbers in excel 2010

An invoice number is a series of digits that is often used by the supplier to identify a particular customers bill. Invoice numbers are quite important because, if the supplier needs to keep track on a particular customers payments, then he should reference this number. Though the choices of invoice numbers are up to the supplier, there are certain considerations when generating these numbers to make invoice organization simpler. The following instructions will help you to generate unique invoice numbers for all of your customers in Excel 2010.

1. Develop a 3 or 4 digit code to identify every customer in your database. You can create unique numbers to every customer that are easy to identify.

You can use both alphabets or numbers that will help you remember each customer easily. A combination of their names, house number or phone numbers helps you create unique invoice numbers for all your customers,

2. Now add three zeros after the customer code determined by you. For example, if your customer code is 154, then your invoice number is 154000.

3. Include the number “1” to the end of the above number, to represent your first customer invoice number. For the previous example, the first invoice number would be 1540001. This last digit will keep changing for each new bill you generate, like 1540002, 1540003, 1540004 and so on. For the tenth customer, the invoice number would be 1540010.

To generate invoice numbers automatically, Excel Visual basic Editor is used. The procedure is as follows

1. Create and invoice in Excel and save it.

2. Now the first invoice number should be entered in the A1 cell.

3. Press Alt and F11 keys simultaneously to open the Visual basic Editor. Press Cntl+R to open Project Explorer window.

4. Double click the line that shows VBA, when it opens-up, double-click This Workbook which will open up a pane on the right.

5. The following text should be entered on the pane

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Range(“a”).value = Range(“a”).Value + 1

End Sub

This should be entered as such in 3 lines.

6. Save the file and then reopen it. Now every time you reopen the invoice file, the number in cell A1 will have one number added to it.

Where to Download Free Excel Invoice Template?

Here are some free invoice templates that you can download to see as sample or you may adjust it to suit your needs. These invoice templates are acceptable for many types of business. It’s simple and easy to use. Each template is a blank invoice form, so you just add your company logo, change it to your company name and address, and it’ll be ready for you to use immediately.

Sample Excel Invoice:

excel invoice template

Download => Free Sample Invoice Template

What are the Benefits of Invoice template in Excel 2010?

Excel invoice template can be used by individuals or business entities as a basic template for creating their own invoice. It can be customizable depending upon the requirement of the person. Features like color, text style, font style, company logos, company name and slogans can be easily modified. It also has space for the following items; quantities of units sold or purchased, item description, per unit price, and taxable status. When all the input data’s are given, the software calculates the applicable taxes and the total amount.

Working on invoice templates in Excel is easy for anyone, who has basic idea on working in Excel spreadsheets  Thus it forms a systemic billing system that eases up the work of keeping track of products sold, payments made, and invoice created. The excel template’s layout can also be changes easily by using its drag and drop feature. In addition, it also computes customer statement report, taxable amount, and supports payment report.

How to import Excel invoice into QuickBooks:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel. Then click the “File” button on the top and left side of the screen.
  2. In the list of options that are being showed, now select “Open”. This will open a Browse window, in that window, select the file you want to export to QuickBooks, and then select the “Open” button present on the right side and bottom of that window.
  3. Now “Right click” the first cell of your Excel spreadsheet you just now opened, of the drop down menu select “insert.” In the Insert caption box, click on “Entire row”, and then click “OK.”
  4. In the new row inserted type headers in each column, based on the type of data that is present in that column of you Excel spreadsheet. QuickBooks has four types of import options; they are “Item”, “Account”, “Customer” and “Vendor”. You can check these four types in QuickBooks in “Resources.” Then organize your data depending on which of the option is applicable on your data.
  5. After organizing your Excel spreadsheet, click the “File” button on the top and left side of the screen. In the list of options that are being showed; now select “Save.”
  6. Now start QuickBooks. In the main menu click “File.” In the drop down list select “Import” and after that in the available options select “Excel Files.”
  7. In this window select “Set up Import” tab. Browse window will open, search for the Excel spreadsheet file that you had saved in Step 5.
  8. Now, in the dropdown menu below you have to select the spreadsheet you intend to import “Choose a sheet in this Excel workbook.” Click on the check box which is next to “This data file has header rows” if that is applicable.
  9. To select the present mapping format click on mapping dropdown. After doing this QuickBooks software will be matched with your data.
  10. You had setup your data in Excel spreadsheet in step 4, so select import type dropdown menu in the window that appears that suits to that style. In the left column select the data type. The drop down menu that appears will contain headers you had created in step 4. Click “Save” button after you have selected the header that corresponds to QuickBooks data type.
  11. Now select “Import” button.

How to export QuickBooks invoice to excel:

  1. First open QuickBooks in your computer, select the button marked as “Report Center.”
  2. Now on see on the left hand side there is a column, select “Sales” in that column, now select the file of the report you want to export to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software program.
  3. When you can view the report you had selected in Step 2, just change the dates of the report or any such other detail you want to, after doing the desired changes, select “Export” button which is visible above the report on the menu bar
  4. Then a new window will pop up, this is “Export Report” window.
  5. In that window select “a new Excel workbook,” after doing that selection, click on “Export” button.
  6. Your QuickBooks report will be displayed in the form of a new MS Excel spreadsheet
  7. Since the report has been transferred into MS Excel you can very easily modify it to suit your style.

Excel invoice template for consulting:

Invoice templates in MS Excel program are very simple yet powerful. There are templates just for consulting, they can be downloaded from the internet for free and yet they are quite powerful to challenge and consulting software in this field. Just like working on a piece of paper, if you want creating a new electronic invoice with the help of these templates is no big deal, all you have to do is fill the blank spaces. The counseling receipt template can additionally be utilized as a specialist citation template. Since it is an Excel-based template, you can use each of the devices gave by Excel to tweak it.

While the counseling receipt template fails to offer certain emphasizes gave by completely-emphasized receipt administration programming, it is perfect for simply making receipts. It is plausible that your business may have distinctive necessities; however this template gives a great example and beginning stage to make your particular template. You can plan your particular receipt arrange by utilizing different devices furnished by Excel. As a utility receipt template, the counseling template does not incorporate transporting fields as by and large bargains receipts.

Excel invoice template for mac:

The project’s interface could be commonplace to continuous Excel clients. Its spreadsheet configuration is full of new representation, yet it works much the same as numerous will recollect. Lamentably, you’ll need to study by testing on the grounds that there’s no Help index. Luckily, the project is simple to resolve. You basically drop in your association’s name and address in the fitting fields, then afterward do the same for the client. Beneath this go the receipt number and the name of the salesperson.

At the lowest part of the screen is space for dropping in features, amounts, and cost. Outperform Invoice Template includes up the sums and imposes for you, a specifically charming quality. The uniqueness of these templates is they can be modified into doing anything that you wish to perform. The system’s best quality might the At a Glance box in the upper cleared out. These presentations the great aggregate for the receipt case in point when you can’t see the entire spreadsheet.

What is a proforma invoice excel templates?

This unhindered template could be utilized to make master business receipt. The client can include logo, association data, change font measure and shade to fit the association corporate style. These receipt templates mechanically figures every line thing sum, subtotal and add up to (with or without bargains charge, sending and taking care of, and expense rate).

The specialty of Proforma invoice template is they can be modified into doing anything you have in your mind for your business. It is unlimited and it is appropriated under Creative Commons. The client can’t just utilize the template gratis for either private and business, non-benefit or business utilization, and yet convey it unreservedly. Little business holders, medium estimate associations, associations who make and ship items