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7 Best Free Monthly Budget Planner Templates For Excel

Keeping proper records of your monthly budgets is necessary to manage your expenses. This practice helps in keeping your financial health under check. Most of the financial mismanagements happen due to improper division of your expenses. Below are some free Excel and Google Docs templates that you could use as monthly budget planner.

7 Best Free Excel Templates for Personal Monthly Budget Planning

1# Financial Snapshot and Budget

If you like use of colors in your monthly budget planner template then you would like this template. This easy to maintain template uses colors in a beautiful way to makes the boring work of keeping your monthly budgets exciting and interesting. In this template you can view the overall snapshot of your budget and keep track of your budget. It’s an easy way to analyze your budget between each paycheck, get details of your net worth, and check the amount in your savings funds. You can keep credit card balance information and spread of your total income every month. This template is usable with Excel and Google docs. If you want you can edit this template to suit your special needs for keeping your monthly budget up-to-date.

2# Step Budget Template

Most of the time the template are really complex to keep. There are so many options to fill that most people get dejected and leave this healthy practice because they have chosen a wrong template. Several times people don’t need a budget template that gives too many options. This 4 step budget template is the best option for people who need simple templates for maintaining their budgets. The four steps of this template are: total monthly income – it contains your salary and other incomes, total monthly must have expenses – this includes all the bills and payments you can’t avoid, total monthly expenses that are nice-to-have – this is personal expenses, restaurant dinners, etc., and the leftover allowances – the left over money to spend as you want. This template is made for Google docs and you can’t use with Excel. However, as Google docs is completely free you should use the advantages of this monthly planner template to your full advantage.

3# Personal Monthly Budget

The specialty of this template is that it allows you to enter actual monthly income and projected monthly income. This is truly helpful for people who have more than one source of income and this way they get the flexibility of maintain their income details in a more efficient way. You can enter your monthly expenses in this template and then it would show you the actual difference for that current month. You get the feature of comparing your expenses in every individual area and category. These categories are created by breaking up your expenses. For example, savings, foods, transportation, housing, etc. All these categories once created are great way to understand your pattern of expenditure very month and you could use this information to reduce your expenses in the next month. This template is not available for Excel and is only suitable for use with Google Docs.

4# 2010 Budget Spreadsheet

This budget spreadsheet is the upgraded version of very popular 2009 budget spreadsheet. The looks and functions of this spreadsheet are basic, but its true power is in the customization that it gives to its users for their personal use depending on their situation. You can easily add lines, delete lines, add or delete categories, change the name of categories, and customize it to suit your needs. First page of this template gives you the option to maintain the log of your expenditures. Therefore, you can easily keep track of all the expenses that you have made in the month. This template is available for use with Excel, Google docs and Open Office calc.

5# E.O.D Deluxe Budget 2.0

This template has a nice look and colorful design that makes working on it really exciting. This is a complete budget spreadsheet and offers to you many options for proper maintenance and analysis of your monthly budget. There is a worksheet to maintain your expenditure and a checking account ledger in this spreadsheet. You can easily maintain lump sum payment schedule in this template. There is a separate worksheet to properly allocate your savings. There are many options available in this template that makes it special and it’s really nice that you can use it for free. This template is made for Excel and thus you can’t use it with Google docs.

6# Free Budget Spreadsheet

This easy to use spreadsheet has a simple interface that you could understand in first glance. Enter the amounts every month in applicable categories. This gives you better understanding of the values that fluctuate every month. After you have entered all the values in the spreadsheet, it would tell you the amount you would have by the end of the month as your savings or as your overall debt. However, the best feature of this free template is its ability to tell you that how close you have reached the position of ideal income allocation. Banks and many money lenders use these types of allocation models to determine the financial balance of their customers. Getting this information free with this template is great advantage for you. This template is available for use in Excel and not Google docs.

7# How Much Debt Costs You

This template gives you the information about the amount of money you spend each month on clearing your debts. After you give complete information about your monthly income and installments you pay for clearing your debt, this template would tell you the break-up of your installments. It would tell you how much money per month is spent for paying the interest of your debt and how much money is spent for reducing the principal amount of your debt. There are three sheets that are included in this template one is of data, second contains information in chart form, and third sheet shows information in printable format. This template id available for Google docs and not for Excel.

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