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Create Excel Dashboard Templates and Free Download

What is Excel Dashboard Templates?

A dashboard is a kind of software device that helps an individual in data presentation through charts that can be easily read and updated. Business professionals are the ones who are most likely to use this kind of software tool. However, it does not mean that it cannot help other people who want to track certain kinds of data. A dashboard’s main function is to create raw data from a Microsoft excel spreadsheet or a database then transforms it into the form of a chart or graph.

Dashboards are very updated meaning once you add or change anything to your raw data, it will also adjust the data found in your chart or graph. Dashboards can be easily created by Microsoft Excel but it can also be created through the use of other programs like CSS or HTML. However, there are easily downloadable excel dashboard templates to help your needs so technical knowledge is really not necessary. However, there is a basic guideline just in case you want to learn how to create a dashboard. Here is how you can do it:

How To Create Excel Dashboard Templates

simple excel dashboard template
1.  You need to prepare your Microsoft Excel, a database like SQL, and a dashboard software. There is a free dashboard software available online. You can purchase one if you think the free software are unsuitable to your tastes and needs. Then, you also need to have a visual basic.

2. You need to upload some data into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It is important that the first rows of your spreadsheet must contain the necessary headings while the rest of the row will be for your raw data.

3. You can then name your spreadsheet. Remember that you cannot use a space or a special character in naming your spreadsheet. If you want to use a space, you can substitute it with a “_”.

4. How do you want your dashboard to look?  To help you gather your thoughts, it may be important to create an outline. Remember to take into account the people that will be looking at your dashboard and the kind of data that you are using. They must be taken into account because they are necessary on how your dashboard will look like.

5. In order to turn your data into charts, use some excel formulas. In case you are having difficulties on what kind of formula you are going to use, click on the resources section of your excel spreadsheet and you will see what you need there.

6. Then use the different excel tools to help you creating the most excellent dashboard. If you think these tools are lacking and you are still looking for more, look and download some free dashboard tools for excel. They are widely available online.

7. Now, you need to install the dashboard software that you choose. Then, transfer the data into your database to the software of your choice.

8. You then need to open the data in your chosen software. Then, start creating your needed dashboard using the different tools you have on your software.

It actually takes a great technical knowledge to create a dashboard from scratch. You may need to read other guidelines to help you learn more. Once you know how to create an excel dashboard template, you can now move on making designs for your dashboard.

Excel Dashboard Video Tutorial

Download Free Excel Dashboard Templates

Click here to download => sample excel template

There are many sources to download free excel dashboard templates like


Tips To Make a Good Excel Dashboard Design

Over the last years, people have considered the use of dashboards as an important tool in making presentations which is vital in the business world. This is the main reason why different dashboard design techniques are increasing. Here is a simple guideline on how you can start designing your own dashboard. But before taking a look at it, you may want to consider four important factors. First, consider the merits of how the dashboard for the company or people that will be using it. Second, clearly think about the kind of dashboard that you are going to make and design. Third, know and take it into your heart the audience that will be looking at the dashboard. And lastly, consider the principal story that you want your dashboard to tell. Now, you can start designing your very own dashboard.

A spreadsheet and a data delivery software package are the things you need in order to start designing a dashboard.

Consider who you are making the dashboard for. Concentrate your efforts on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analysis. Finalize your KPI using the data that you will be using and then collect some samples that can help in supporting these data.

It is recommended that one should make mock-ups first in order to maximize the designing of the dashboard. You can start by showing the data you collected using columns and rows. Then, you can make a graphic representation of the data that you have like making charts or graphs. After this, you can then combine the two.

Then, you can review the mock-ups you made and start showing it to the people who will need the dashboards. Ask the reader if the dashboard design you made was okay. Adjust to how he wants it because he is the one needing the dashboard presentation so his ultimate satisfaction is the key.

Ensure that you get what the reader wants while making sure that you are still able to present the data in a clear manner that can be easily understood.

It is essential for you to know the purpose of the dashboard you are making so that you will be clear on what you are going to do about its design. Always listen to who needs the dashboard because there are times when the designer may forget the importance of the end user of what he is making.

An excel dashboard is considered to be a very important tool in reporting especially for business professionals because it will be a factor on how a business will make decisions. There are actually many ways on how you can design a dashboard. In fact, there is actually a free excel dashboard download that can help you but it is more important to be hands-on with the dashboard that you are making because it will determine how it will be viewed by those who need it. Always remember that the value of the dashboard is dependent upon the kind of information a reader gets from it.

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