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Excel CRM Template

Web based CRM sales software helps in integrating sales, revenue tracking, and emails into an all-inclusive system. In case you are not looking for such integration and would rather have a simple (and free) means of tracking your leads, then a CRM based Excel template is the right way to go.

Spreadsheets in CRM

In any organization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and systems go a long way in streamlining communications with current and potential customers. In most cases, simply designed templates of this kind give companies a head start on figuring out/ customizing their own solutions and deciding whether spreadsheet-based solutions are right for them.

A CRM sales spreadsheet system is a reliable method of tracking leads and opportunities straight from the Google Drive. In today’s scenario, many small and big business are using simple spreadsheet solutions for closing deals and making their first million dollars in business.

Description of CRM Spreadsheets

Like all other components of a well conceived CRM system, sales tracking Excel sheets are also useful in tracking customers, planning follow-up with contacts, updating the lead status, scheduling all future communication with converted customers, and gaining from these leads. The Excel CRM template acts as a starting point for those looking for Excel-based innovative CRM solutions at low costs.

These templates are typically limited by the user’s knowledge of Excel and are designed for easy customization and use. Most templates, in their basic form, serve as specially formatted tables that allow sorting, filtering, as well as display of essential customer information; thereby serving as fancier versions of function-based CRM templates, and other allied applications.

The most complicated part of these CRM spreadsheets is linked conditional formatting that is used for highlighting the features that require greater attention and need to be brought to the attention of the user in an easier way. In some cases, the colors and other conditional formatting features may not appeal to the eye of the user and can be changed by looking up Excel’s help system (F1) on clearing or changing the same. The creators of these templates also make it possible for users to install all future versions and updates of the template, as per their individual requirements. Along with enhancing the functionality of the template in a big way, this helps in enhancing the value of the spreadsheet and making the same align with all changes in the dynamic CRM environment.

How to Use CRM Sales Templates in Excel

Here, we take a look at some of the common features of Excel templates that are usually incorporated in most CRM scenarios.

Sorting and Filtering: For instance, a template designed around Excel’s default features of sorting and filtering helps in achieving the following results with just a few clicks:

1. Ordering of the table on the basis of Estimated Sales value.

2. Filtering out customers from those lists where the status is marked as ‘cold’ or ‘loss’.

3. Sorting the table in accordance with the contact dates so that a user can go ahead with the most important contacts first, and so forth.

Demographics: In case you are acquiring a CRM Excel template for your contacts, then you would obviously want to record their company, name, job title, position, email, phone number and other details. While the demographic records and other essential details that are required on a daily basis are stored in a single worksheet, the not-so-essential ones go to an optional one.

Estimated Sale – For CRM customers who are very active in the field of sales and marketing, this feature of a template may point to the average weekly, monthly or yearly sales figures, as applicable to the organization. Along with helping in developing an estimate of the value of a specific potential or existing customer, it helps in forecasting future sales figure accurately, and aligning the same with the laid out budget.

Last Contact – In case of a sales template created in Excel, the Last Contact field comes in handy for recoding the date when a particular customer was last contacted and the outcome of the same. Special customization and conditional formatting features are used for this too and help in highlighting different elements of the contact.

Next Contact – Follow-up communications are an important part of marketing and sales pitches and have to be planned beforehand. This particular column in case of a contact CRM template made in Excel can be used for recording the next date, venue, and point of contact, along with the follow-up actions to be taken, if any.

Notes – All communications taking place with leads needs to be recorded for further analysis and communications. A smartly designed sales template would also include a column for adding cell comments for each individual communication.

Sales Log – In case your business transactions require you to create monthly, quarterly or yearly sales reports, then you would surely need a method for recording individual sales. An optional Sales Log worksheet makes it convenient for you to summarize data, create your very own Excel dashboard, or display significant summary data in a customized way.

Marketing with CRM Spreadsheet Templates

CRM spreadsheets are not only about rows, columns and complicated formulae. Well-organized and properly Excel spreadsheet templates are very resourceful in doing a lot of things the better and easier way. Along with being useful as calendars for inbound marketers, they help in aligning marketing strategies through impressive means. Additionally, they prevent users from lagging behind, tracking sales at the right time, and staying on top of the resources in their CRM environment.

All in all sales CRM templates developed in Excel are specially designed to provide the competitive edge and a lot of clarity on the ways in which sales are expected to take place in the coming months. With so much and a lot more in store, these templates provide for easy visibility and calculations and also increase the productivity of users, without bogging them down with cumbersome facts and figures.

Way Forward

So, if you are also looking for a specific CRM spreadsheet to help the cause of your organization and don’t know where to begin, do look around for online template developers of repute and look ahead towards better bottom line figures.

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