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Excel Templates for Project Management and Tracking

Project management involves organizing the resources available for a project and making sure that everything happens at the right time in order to finish a project on time. A project manager is responsible for allocating the various tasks involved in a project to the team members and making sure that they finish the tasks on time.

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The most important tool to keep track of the time allocated to a project and how it is being used should be able to present the information in a manner that can easily be interpreted and modified as seems fit to the project manager. The handiest tool that meets these requirements is the trusted spreadsheet. The most typical example that is most widely used would be Microsoft Excel. However, preparing an Excel spreadsheet from scratch that can keep track of time is a time-consuming task and is quite daunting. This is where Excel templates come in very handy.

Excel Templates to the Rescue

Excel templates are premade excel worksheets that are made for a specific general task such as keeping track of time or even budgeting. The templates are made to be edited by the user with their own values in order to fit their purpose. In this case, one would need to keep track of the time spent on various activities involved with the project and make sure that they are on the right path as far as completing the project is concerned.

Excel templates that are used for project management and tracking show how far the project has progressed and how much is remaining. They have a beautiful user interface with different colors for different states of a task such as not done, in progress, or complete. The various stages of the project completion are also laid out in a concise manner so that one can easily see where they are far just by looking at the spreadsheet.

The excel templates also have their own inbuilt macros which can be used to make various calculations concerning the expenditure on the project and keep track of various logistics. Other templates can also create graphs and charts which are used to visualize progress in a beautiful manner. The charts change themselves dynamically as soon as the values are changed. The charts are a very powerful tool for keeping track of the projects progress as they are visually appealing and can be understood and interpreted easily.

The excel templates have built in functionalities that fit a broad range of functions which are done during the project management and tracking. As a matter of fact, they can even act as a replacement for the very expensive project management software. This hugely cuts down the costs even as the project progresses leaving more money for other resources that are needed in the project.

All these functionalities are all prepared so one does not need to know how to make the macros. The ease of use of the templates has made them a very popular alternative to other project management software which is very costly. As a matter of fact, excel templates for project management and tracking can be downloaded for free on the internet. This even saves a lot of money that can be used in the project.

Where to Download Free Excel Templates for Project Management and Tracking

The internet is a very huge and expansive place. Sometimes, getting what one needs can be quite a task. Because of this, some sites have the templates organized and ready for downloading. This makes the process very easy and takes only a few minutes. A basic Google search for “free project management templates” will turn up a whole plethora of results. It is upon the user to decide what to choose.

On the other hand, one can get free templates for project management and tracking right from the search engine results page. This requires a bit of Google skills and intuition to choose the best results from the description in the search results page. For instance a search for “project management and tracking template filetype: xls” will narrow down the results to just project management templates that are of the Microsoft excel file type. The templates can then be downloaded right from the results page and modified to fit the needs of the user.

Below are listed some of the links where one can download these templates from. The sites have the templates organized into various categories depending on the type of functionality the user would like.


1. http://chandoo.org/wp/project-management/

2. http://www.launchexcel.com/project-management-in-excel-1/

3. http://www.projectmanagementwatch.com/2013/01/25/useful-excel-templates-for-project-management/

4. http://www.projectkickstart.com/downloads/prxdownload.cfm

5. http://www.dovico.com/tips-templates.aspx?utm_expid=15018154-0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

6. http://www.brighthubpm.com/templates-forms/80550-great-excel-templates-for-tracking-projects/

In order to make use of these templates, one requires the Microsoft office suite installed in their computer as it is the one which will help them to edit the template and customize to their needs. The various aspect of project is also taken care of using Gantt charts, burn down charts and other charts which help to show the progress of the project. Having all the aspects of a project in check is very important as it prevents over-spending and delays that may occur due to mismanaged resources.

Additionally, the use of excel templates for project management and tracking makes it easy to share information with other people involved in the project such as the upper management and the clients involved. This is due to the fact that there is no additional software that needs to be installed on the other parties’ computers as all they need is the excel file which they can open using the already existing office suite. The multiple uses of Microsoft excel also makes it very economical to use as one does not need to dedicate whole software to just project management and tracking.

In conclusion, excel templates for project management and keeping track of the project’s progress are very valuable and save one a lot of time that can be better used to accomplish the actual project. They are way more beneficial than buying expensive software and they can be downloaded on the internet for free.

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