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Excel Time Sheet Template

With the capabilities of the Microsoft Excel program, many businesses and organizations are able to better correlate and keep track of important data. The Excel program uses what are called spreadsheets, which are made of a collection of rows and columns that meet to make cells. The spreadsheets are in a tabular form, and a user is able to plug in text or numeric data to each cell. One of the most common uses of spreadsheets is to calculate numeric amounts, but in order for a user to do this they must have a formula. The Excel program is largely based on the known formulas that consolidate any numeric info that’s on a spreadsheet.

The Time Sheet Template

There are several forms of spreadsheet templates that are available in the Microsoft Excel program. One form that is an interest to most supervisors and employers is the time sheet template. With the Excel Time Sheet Template, it makes it easier to keep track of every employee’s information. The template will organize information such as employee work hours and days of attendance, and it will calculate hourly sums for a grand total of work hours for each employee. These work hour sums can be calculated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly base.

Choosing The Best Time Sheet Template For Your Business

There are several time sheet templates that are available through the Excel program. It all depends on what a person’s main focus is when considering the best Excel Time Sheet Template for them. These time sheets are either built for something that is long term or something that is short. A weekly Excel Time Sheet Template will be used most frequently, where an average work week can be consolidated and graphed, and paychecks can be issued based off of it. A yearly Excel Time Sheet Template will be used to report the annual functions of a business or organization, and it will only be used about once a year. A time sheet template can also include sick leave and vacation time categories.

Not only can a time sheet be used as a reference for supervisors and employers, but it can be used by other types of professionals as well. In the case of a medical professional who has to keep track of their patient’s appointments, the “Time sheet – services rendered” option would be a good choice for them. This particular template can work for other professionals, too.

Finding And Using A Time Sheet Template In Excel

For anybody that is brand new to the Microsoft Excel program, it is not a program that is entirely too complicated. It is relatively easy to use actually. In the case of finding and putting a timesheet to use, it can be done in short easy steps.

1. You will first click on the “File” tab in the Excel program and then click on “New”. You will be brought to the Available Templates” page and you will see the “Time sheets” icon on the bottom row. Click on it.

2. You must know what type of template that you’re in need of. A small display is available for each template so you can view them. When you have all the details of what you need in a template and you are sure of it, simply double click the selection and the template will appear on the Excel screen.

3. Every cell on the spreadsheet can be modified by clicking on them and simply typing information in. You now have to personalize the time sheet. These personalizations can be various things that you would want to include on the sheet, such as company name, employee hours and shifts, appointment times, etc.

4. In order to calculate and consolidate information, you have to learn how to use the formulas. They are not too difficult to memorize and apply to the template. Formulas have been considered the most useful feature of the Excel program, and they can be used to make very simple of complex calculations on request.

Excel Spreadsheet Formulas

The formulas that are used in Excel are capable of doing various things. These formulas can perform basic adding and subtraction functions, or they can be used to multiply and determine a total average of any set of numeric data, plus a lot more.

In order to activate a formula in a given cell, it must be typed into the formula bar at the top of the screen. This has the “fx” or “Insert Function” button next to it. These formulas are great for testing and experimenting with data, being that the numbers can easily be plugged in and taken out. There’s no need to change the whole formula in order to do so.

Creating A Visual With The Excel Program

Not only can the Excel program design legitimate spreadsheets that can be used in a multitude of ways, but it can also be used to design graphs, charts, and histograms. These displays are only created through the use of a specialized formula that targets the desired information. If you are trying to create one of these displays, it does not have to include all of the data on your spreadsheet, it can just include a small selection of it. These displays can either be added to an uploaded spreadsheet, or it can be put on a page all by itself.

Just the same as a formula that is visible on a spreadsheet, the data in one of these displays can be changed if the numbers in the formula are changed. The display will conform to what is put into the formula bar and automatically update. These displays can be more useful than a simple spreadsheet in some situations because it gives you a clear visual. There are several graph, chart, and histogram styles that are available to choose from.

Evolution Of Microsoft Excel Program

Excel has been widely used by many as the premier spreadsheet application. Many features have changed since the initial release of Excel 1.0 in the early 1980’s, as well as everything else. The latest version, Excel 2013, is equipped with a ton of features that can be used to create dynamic time sheets, as well as other documents and visuals.

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