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Expense Report Template In Excel

Worried about losing receipts that have been submitted by you for the purpose of reimbursement? Bored of typing out an expenditure report? Well, the expenses report templates in excel, will help businesses record their overall expenditures that they may have incurred through the year.

How To Fill Out Expense Report?

(Sample of Expense Report Template)

Download Free Expense Report Form

You can now conveniently compare your overall spending either on a monthly or on a quarterly basis. By filling out all the relevant information of your receipts and expenditure, you will be able to keep a track of all the relevant data. Also, by adding other additional details such as a category or a project, you will be able to generate your report at the click of a button. The .xls templates will allow you to enter data related to your total monthly spending as well as earnings.


1. You can use a standard form for tracking the expenditures that are being used by company. Alternatively, you can download a free excel template and create your own customized form.
2. Open a new .xls spreadsheet and create columns and rows for mentioning the date, amount, receipt number etc. You need to ensure that your template has all the necessary spaces in order to include all of the necessary information.
3. Enter the period that the expense report covers.
4. Some companies do weekly expense reports while others do monthly or quarterly expense reports.
5. It might be a good idea to detail out the purpose of the report created. Thus, for instance, enlist if you went out of town for a business trip, if you took clients out for dinner or if you have purchased supplies for your office.
6. Complete the employee details segment of your document. This will typically include the employee’s name, employee’s id number, employee’s department, employee’s phone number and the name of the immediate manager or supervisor of the employee.
7. List all of the spending separately in each row. Enter in the date, location, amount of the spending and any additional notes related to the spending such as a client dinner, team outing etc.
8. Total your expenditure amount column after entering all of the spending from your receipts.
9. Attach all of the receipts to the final printout in a manner that has been approved by your organization. Some companies want it stapled to the final sheet while others may ask their employees to submit it in an attached envelope.
10. Finally, date and sign the printed sheet before submitting it to an appropriate department in your organization.

Free Budget Management Tools!

The quickest and easiest way to track and automate your spending, is to use an automated template. After generating an expense report, your superior can either approve or reject the employee’s expenses that are directly transferred into their online account. A ready template will be able to give you an overview of your company’s budget by offering a detailed document of every expenditure with a real-time view in a single click. No matter which country your employees travel to, a user friendly template will recognize and convert the expenditure receipts to thee relevant currency.

How To Use The Expenditure Tracking Templates?

Large and mid-sized businesses that have a number of expense accounts, can greatly benefit from these types of templates. They will be able to keep a track of which business requires to be paid off first so that they do not have to pay a larger interest fee, at a later stage. Small businesses can keep a tab on their business and employee spending. You can download these forms free from the internet and start creating a customized sales expenditure, business expenditure, employee travel expenditure and other related expenditure documents.

Employee Expense Report Template!

Employees who tend to travel frequently for work or are required to make purchases for any work items by spending from their own pockets first, are asked to fill out their spending details in order to get reimbursed. You need to fill out an expense reimbursement form. This type of a form is where you are required to document and detail out all of the spending you have had in relation to your work. Often, these need to be sufficed with the hard copy of bills for you to prove that the purchase were in fact made. You could create a daily report, a monthly report or an annual report. This type of template for budgeting and expenditure tracking, is a vital document that needs to be filled out truthfully and accurately.

The excel expenditure template documents have been created keeping in mind the requirements of a wide range of users. Since these are offered as a template, few users will prefer to use it as a general document and then customize it to suit their individual specifications. In other words, these templates can be easily contrived in a user friendly way. You could opt for a basic general format which does not seem too technical or you could use a highly detailed and specific format that aims at utility and all inclusiveness. Such a document is best created in an excel form. It offers a ready to use template in a tabular document form. You can download a free excel template spreadsheet, customize it as per your needs and finally print it as a MS Excel document.

Any kind of fraudulent or excessive reimbursement claims that cannot be supported with sufficient amount of evidence and receipts, could lead to serious implications including employee termination. The .xls document will be able to clearly outline the manner in which you need to create and submit your excel expenditure report. Such type of a document is often used in business establishments and companies that are required to constantly keep track of various expenditures and incomes. This in turn will allow proper fund allocation and appropriate budgeting. It will help the organization in restricting any undue expenses, process reimbursement claims and account for the same. Proper processing of employee claims becomes a vital part of every organization and verifying the receipts and various other documents, is an indispensable responsibility for the HR and accounting department.

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