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Grocery Shopping List Template For Excel

An excel file enables you to become an incredibly meticulous grocery list maker. You can arrange all the items in a single worksheet. You can select an array of items that you wish to purchase. Additionally, this spreadsheet will help you to organize your selection in a printable format.

How To Make Your Own Grocery Shopping List Template?

If you are looking for an extremely functional itinerary, you can even design a customized printable version. This will be handy for you especially if you are the kind of person who likes to fold it up while you are out shopping. You could also use a multiple column blank excel template that allows you to use it to record transactions carried out at multiple stores.

By making use of a planned itinerary at the mart, you can streamline your purchases. It will prevent you from missing out the important items and will also help you to stay away from purchasing unwanted items. These templates can make the entire purchase process cost effective and quick.

You can choose to organize all your data in multiple ways. Thus, you can save the frequently purchased products on your master copy of this list. A template can be created in several different ways. You can create one over the computer by using excel or adapt an online template to meet your requirements. Here’s how you can do it.


1. Prepare a spreadsheet in excel and list out the most frequently bought items from your local store. You can place anything that you regularly buy on this list.

2. Place all the items in various categories within excel. You could arrange these categories by product type or by store location. Organizing the list by location may help you shop faster, since the items would be listed in the same order you shop in.

3. Create your template with several categories. Every category should have sufficient space below it, to include a series of items to be bought in a particular visit to the grocer.

4. Configure the excel spreadsheet into various columns. Divide this spreadsheet into multiple categories for every segment of the department store such as dairy, fruits, produce etc. Create boxes next to each item for filling out the quantity you would like to purchase.

5. Create a spreadsheet that will cover weekly purchases. You could create a separate section for each new day of the week.

6. Copy this list every week into a new spreadsheet within the same document in Excel. You can then include new items on a daily basis without recreating the whole thing.

7. Save this spreadsheet into a ‘Master template’ folder.

These lists can be categorized by including the commonly purchased items listed with reminders. In case you find yourself constantly purchasing things from the same store, you must consider using a ready Excel template by creating your very own customized lists. These lists can be categorized by the type of purchases you tend to make more often while shopping.

You need to simply enter the price, quantity and your choice of preferred brands. By creating this type of an interactive template, you will be able to shop more smartly and efficiently. Categorize all the items and check which item is the money going towards the most.

Try creating a template that will fit into a single sheet of paper. You do not want to carry multiple sheets when you are at the supermarket.

You can see video on how to create grocery shopping list template

How To Organize Your Grocery Shopping List?

MS excel is a highly versatile tool. It can be used to simplify a wide variety of tasks. Although this program is commonly associated with business applications and financial formulas, it is basically a columnar format that can be easily applied to several other projects.

Typically for personal use, these lists do not require any specific formatting and can therefore be created quickly and easily. However, for extensive use, there are creative ways in which you can make use of this program. There are several built-in graphically formatted options within Excel. These can render numerous columns for various purchases.

You can plan your entire household menu or restaurant menu purchases from the start to end using Excel. This list is especially easy to accomplish by using free templates. Follow the below listed steps to custom create your personalized list.


1. Open Excel.

2. Choose a column for your shopping list.

3. Click once in the first cell of the column. You will see it get highlighted by a black border.

4. Next, type in the priority item within your itinerary and press “Enter.” Your mouse cursor will automatically move over to the next cell underneath.

5. Enter the next item and proceed with as many items as you want. The excel sheet will keep adding them in an easily printable vertical column.

If you wish to create your customized personal printable itinerary, you could download a free spreadsheet template. These are offered as printable and checklist templates along with workbooks or multiple worksheets. You could choose to alter any existing category and customize it to suit your needs. Additionally, you could choose to add your own category and modify the page you want to print. You could re-size it to a preferred length for ease of use in a store.

Free Downloadable Excel Templates For Your Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Errands!

A daily, weekly or monthly itinerary, will come very handy. However, you should clearly specify the item names as well as the quantity of each item. Also, these need to be correctly placed under various categories in excel 2007.

There are a wide range of categories such as meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables, bread and bakery, condiments and spices, baby care items, personal care products, cleaning, frozen goods, dry goods, pet care, beverages, breakfast etc. Thus, you will be able to create your product purchase list in no time!

You can print a blank list with or without product categories. Several printable formats can be downloaded from the internet in Word and Excel for free. You can note your regular errands in an Excel 2013 template. These can be adapted for all types of shopping including groceries.

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