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How to create a form in Excel for Data Entry

How to create a form in Excel

In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to create a from in excel. Forms are handy if you need to enter lots of data and operate everything via keyboard or don’t want any hassle of moving excel cell pointer to any other cell.

In order to make a data entry form in excel 2013, first enter the header names of the data you want the data to be entered through form.

In order to make the form working, we need this data to be converted into Table.

Select the headers and on the insert tab click on “Table”

A create table dialogue box will open showing the range where you want to apply the table. Make sure that you click on the check box “My table has headers”.

This will convert the regular text as a table.

After this is done we need to add the form in order to display the data entry field.

To do this, go to the file tab and click on options.

Excel options will open up. Now click on Customized ribbon.

Under the choose commands from section, click on “Commands not in the ribbon”.

Search the term “Form”.

We need to add a customize tab, to add the form on the ribbon.

We can do this by clicking on “New Tab” by renaming it to “Data Entry”.

Also rename the “New Group (Custom)” to update the symbol.

Add the form by clicking on Add the form.

Click Ok to return to the excel form.

There is new tab called “Data Entry” appeared in the tabs list.

If you will click on the Form, it will open up the form.

Enter the data and it will automatically update table.

After clicking on Enter, the records are entered in the cells automatically.

Following is the details about the form:

Find Prev & Find Next: This will allow forward and back throughout the table. One record at a time is displayed.

Delete: This button is used to delete records from the table.

Restore: This can retrieve the record that was edited. Sometimes we make wrong changes to the record. This button is used to correct that information. This button works only when the record exist in the form.
Criteria: Search the table for the records using the form fields. For example, name, address etc.

In order to search for the records using multiple fields.

Click on Criteria button in form. Enter the search criteria in the text boxes and click on Find Next button which will display the search results.

When you are done searching, click on form button and go back to add data.

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