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How to Create an Excel Calendar 2013 Easily

Creating a calendar in Excel may not be as complex as you think! Not only that, it can be extremely useful since you can integrate it with your day to day schedules in order to make the most of each day! Also not to forget the extent to which you can proudly show off your Excel expertise!!

Create your Excel Calendar 2013

The first step would be to have an entire sequence of numbers going from 1 to 42.

Well, why 42 you might ask? The reason is simple – a calendar grid would comprise of 6 weeks at the maximum x 7 days in each week, adding up to 42. Exact formula would be =COLUMN(OFFSET(INDIRECT(“$A$1”),0,0,1,42))-1 which you can in turn map to the daysAndWks named range.

Once this is done, you need to get down to finding out the first date of each month for 2013. The date formula can be as simple as =date(year,month,1). Then map this formula to the names range which would be DateOfFirst.

With this done, you will find that the calendar for any given month would be as simple as =daysAndWks + DateOfFirst – WEEKDAY(DateOfFirst,2). You can then in turn map this to the range called calendar.

Now you need to have all the 12 months of the year in place for which you can simply create ranges such as m1, m2,…going right up to m12.

With this in place you only need to have separate worksheets for each calendar along with INDEX formulas for each since it is these formulas which will effectively bring up each of the dates.

The last step would simply be to format the calendar anyway you like. Remember that here you can be as creative and intuitive as possible. Color schemes, overall layout, etc. can be to your taste – or to that of others who might be using the calendar other than or apart from you.

So as you see below – which is of course an image template of Excel Calendar 2013, remember that you can create such calendars yourself very intuitively.

Excel Calendar 2013 Template

The primary draw of Excel calendars that you create on your own would be the high level of customization which is possible in them. That way, eventually you would have an absolutely unique calendar that you can truly call your own!

The satisfaction drawn from such an experience would of course be completely unparalleled!

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