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How to Create an Excel Timeline Template and Free Download

No matter which business you run, timelines can help you tremendously in managing it smartly. They prove very useful when you need a description of the events that took place over a year, months, weeks, or even days. For instance, by using a timeline you can easily track your orders or create your company’s progress report.Moreover, timelines come in handy when you have to plan future projects, especially when you are working in groups.You can either create or download timeline template. Choose the method that helps you get the Best Excel Timeline Template.

How To Create a Timeline Template in Excel 2010

In case, you work with timelines often, it is a good idea to create a timeline template for yourself. It will be a one-time effort and will save your time immensely.

1. Open MS Excel and then, click New to open a fresh workbook.
2. The topmost row is for entering the title of the timeline. Hence, write ‘Title’ or ‘Mention Your Title Here’.
3. Bring the cursor down to the 15th row, as this row will be the timeline. Select the row and give it a color by right clicking-> Format cells-> Fill.
4. Skip two columns on the left and on the timeline row write ‘date/month/year’ or ‘D/M/Y’. Copy and paste it in the successive cells in this row.
5. Select the row that is right above the timeline. Now, right click on tab Format cells -> Alignment. Slide the Text Orientation pointer to give a slanted appearance to your text. Repeat the same for the row that is right below the timeline.
6. Select the cell, which is right above the first cell named ‘D/M/Y’. Write’Event Description’ on it. Copy this text.
7. Select the cell, which is right below the second ‘D/M/Y’ cell, and paste the copied text here. Keep on pasting this text alternately in the following columns.
8. Save your document by choosing ‘Save’ from the File tab. When the Save dialogue box appears, choose Excel Template and click Save.Your timeline template is ready.

Use SmartArt Style features in your timeline template

The SmartArt Style feature allows you to lend a highly sophisticated look to your created timeline template. For providing SmartArt graphics click Insert tab and choose SmartArt. The SmartArt gallery will open.Choose Process from the list on the left. Now, you can choose your desired graphic for your template.Personalization of SmartArt graphic is possible. You can change the color of the graphic as per the colors in your company logo. For achieving this purpose, you should select the graphic, and then go to SmartArt tools. Now, click the Change colors option.

Where to Download Free Excel Timeline Template

If you do not wish to spend your time on preparing a template, you have the option to download one. You can download it through MS Excel that is installed on your system.

Follow these steps for downloading a template on your PC.

– Switch on the internet connection- Open Excel-> File menu -> New- In the search bar, type timeline and you will be provided with multiple options.- Select the template named Timeline and click Download.- After the download is over, the application will open with the template.- Now, save it on your system.

Special features in downloadable Excel Timeline Template

The best feature in the free timeline templates is the possibility of complete customization. You can specify the time and events by simply typing in the boxes. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the length of the timeline, and the number of events very easily.Read on to learn the ways in which you can bring changes to the template as per your requirement:


Double click Timeline Title to select it entirely and type your title. You can change the color and font of the title. To customize its size by maneuvering the title box.


The template comes with default years. Double click on any year to select it and then, press the Delete key on your keyboard. Now, type the date of your event. You can use any format to write the date.

In case, the cell space is too small for the date, you can expand the size of the cell. Hover the cursor on the border of the column and then, click and drag it outwards.

Similarly, if you have to add more dates in your timeline, then you can do so by inserting more columns in the timeline.

Simply, select a column and right click. Choose Insert.


You will find empty boxes for mentioning the events. A select box with a single click and then, click the Format tab on the top. Select a shape style of your choice for the box.

There is no need to customize the other event boxes. Once you have customized one box, you can copy it and paste it on the timeline to have identical event boxes. However, before doing it, you will have to select and delete the default boxes.

Next, type in the description of the event; you can change the font style, color, and size of your text. You can expand the event boxes as per your requirement. Select the box and you will notice squares and circles along the edges. Hover the cursor and click on the square / circle to adjust the size accordingly.

Excel Timeline Template For Mac

If you are a Mac user, then take the below-mentioned steps for downloading timeline template on your computer.- Go to the office: Mac website, and enter the Templates section- Scroll down and click Download Free Templates- Choose Excel from the available list of applications- For template options that are compatible with Excel 2010, click the arrow next to ‘more’- On the left, notice the list of versions. Click on 2010- On the top, there is a search bar where you should type ‘timeline’- Hover the cursor over the timeline template and click download- Click Accept, if you are fine with the Microsoft Service Agreement. Remember, you will only be able to proceed, if you accept the terms of the agreement.

The download will begin immediately. Save the template on your Mac.

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