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How To Create Sales Funnel Template in Excel

To be able to understand further how to create a sales funnel chart in Excel, it is important to understand the meaning of what a sales funnel is. A sales funnel is a chart that describes an approach on how to sell a product or service. This is a very important tool used by companies in selling their products or service, determining the right approach, managing risk and generating revenue. Many insurance companies use sales funnel chart as an executive dashboard template.

There are five different stages in a sales funnel template.

  1. The topmost part of the sales pipeline chart is Prospecting. This is the stage where the seller looks for prospects or leads and where customers are being targeted. You can check on leads from your personal network, friends’ networks and even social media.
  2. The secound stage is called Discovery where customers are aware of the seller’s business but does not confirm sales yet.
  3. The third stage is Presentation in which the customers are presented with the product or service, are interested to buy but needs more time or budget for such.
  4. The fourth stage is Quotation. This is where the interested customers confirm their intent to buy the product or service.
  5. The last stage is Negotiation in which a contract is made and the deal is closed.

How To Create Sales Funnel Chart in Excel

Step 1. In making a sales funnel chart in Excel, start off by putting in the data on the Excel spreadsheet. In Column A, you can write the stages found in a sales pipeline template while in column B, you can put in the numbers corresponding to each stage.

Step 2. Highlight the data on columns A and B. Click on the Insert ribbon and then click Column menu which has a chart icon. Look for the 100% stacked pyramid option. The pyramid will be posted automatically on the spreadsheet. Once you have the pyramid, click on Switch Row/Column from the menu. You will then see only one big pyramid. Then right-click on the image and choose 3-D rotation from the menu. In the rotation settings, change both X and Y to 0 degrees then close the box.

Step 3. Right-click on the Vertical Axis and choose format axis from the menu. The vertical axis is the number data on the spreadsheet and is found on the right side of the image. On the format axis menu, put a check mark on the box for values in reverse order. This would automatically reverse the pyramid. Once the pyramid is inverted, all that is needed is to clean up the pyramid chart and put in the necessary details. For the clean up, delete the vertical axis, the legend, horizontal lines and the labels. Do this by clicking on them and pressing the delete button. Once it is cleaned up, you can place the necessary labels on each stage. Add data labels by choosing the Show option in the Layout Menu or insert a text box on each stage to make a more personal approach.

When you have many prospects at the first stage, it is not an assurance that they will eventually be your customers. Out of 100 prospects, it would be best to get 60% of them to get interested in your product or service. With that number, getting half of that percentage as your buyers is a good deal. It will not end there. Go back to the first stage and put in a higher number. This way, your funnel will never be empty.

Since sales are all about numbers, a sales funnel template creates a detailed guideline on gaining consistency in getting a higher number and keeping it. It is important to remember to keep the funnel full as the numbers fall at the end of the funnel. This would also help predict the number of potential buyers by looking at the number of prospects. You can also determine specific problems on your sales strategy by looking at the numbers on the chart. If you can see a huge decrease on the quotation stage from your presentation stage, then you will be aware that the problem is getting a confirmation from interested buyers. To solve this problem, you should contact those interested in your product and service. Once you get their confirmation, they will become your potential buyers and eventually close the deal. The numbers will become constant once you determine the problem and solve them. Having a sales funnel would also help you determine which stages needs improvement through data visualization.

What is the advantage of having a sales pipeline template in Excel?

There are so many things you can do in an Excel. Once you have the sales funnel chart, you can use the other spreadsheets in putting in contact information and schedules. You can add the second spreadsheet for your leads and their contact information. Another spreadsheet can be used for those leads which are interested in your product or service and their contact information. Another spreadsheet can be used to schedule meetings with prospective buyers or existing customers. You can add more spreadsheets for different purposes.

This is the advantage of having an Excel file for your work. You don’t have to store too many different files in your computer or laptop. It will only consume storage space. You do not have to write the contact information in an organizer or notebook since you can just add them directly on the spreadsheet. The good thing also of using Excel for your sales funnel chart is it will automatically store information once you change the data. You do not have to make another pyramid should there be any data changes.

Most people describe sales with making large amounts of money. That is basically true. With the right sales approach, a salesperson will be richer than he or she has ever dreamed of. But sometimes working in sales can be stressful. Nevertheless, having the right tools, skills and strategies will help you on the road to success. The most useful tool an organization or a company, or even a salesperson, can take advantage of is the sales funnel chart.

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