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How to Generate Random Numbers in Excel

In this tutorial I will teach you how to generate random number in excel.

Random numbers are used to fill data in the excel sheet.

There are two formula used to generate random numbers in excel. One is to use RAND() and the other way is to use RANDBETWEEN(bottom,top).

Rand function generate a range of random numbers that are evenly distributed number greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1.

The layout of the function RAND is


The Rand between function’s syntax is


Where bottom is the minimum randomly generated value and top is the maximum value.

The Rand functions are under Math & Trig function section.

Below is the examples used to create random values.

Example 1: In this example we will add simple random values using RAND function.

Just simply enter =Rand() into any cell.

Example 2: In this example we will use rand between function to add a range of values between 1 and 100.


This will only generate random numbers between 1 and 100.

In excel 2013, Rand functions are volatile functions means that these functions recalculates itself every time the worksheet changes for example copy paste something, enter new values, saving the document etc.

Any formula that depends on the random number generated from the Rand function will also effected.

The worksheets should use carefully as large amount of random numbers will slow down the response of the sheet as it every time recalculates the values.

The rand function can be updated by pressing F9 key. This will recalculate the random number generated on the worksheet.

To make the random number static (not to change the value every time the sheet is updated). Click on the cell and then click on the formula bar and press F9. It will automatically recalculate next random number and make remove the formula and make the number static.

Changing anything will have no effect on the randomly generated number.

You can also generate the random number between two values through a dialogue box.

To do this, click on the Math and Trig function box under the Formula tab and click on RANDBETWEEN function.

This will open a dialogue box and as for bottom and top value.

So you can generate random numbers in excel 2013 which can also be used in other office programs such as Word and PowerPoint to generate random paragraphs.

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