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How To Use Microsoft Excel For Project Management

A project timeline in Microsoft excel, will show how various events are related to each other in the specified timeline. These timelines do a really great job at communicating a bigger picture. A well organized project timeline will convey helpful information regarding the task and overall project progress.

How to create a project management timeline in excel?

project management timelineYou can easily create an excel template to be used in project management. It is a useful tool for tracking and will show you how far your project has progressed. It will also indicate how much work is pending. You can create a project timeline by making use of an incredible user interface in different colors. These indicate different stages of a task progress, such as in progress, complete or not done.

The numerous stages of project completion within a timeline, are laid out in a precise manner. Thus, you can easily check where you are, just by glancing at the spreadsheet. An excel project management template has its own inbuilt macros. These can be used to gather various calculations related to expenditure on a project and also to keep track of different logistics.

Excel tools, software and templates, are greatly helpful in creating charts and graphs. These can be used to visualize the project progress in an easy manner. These charts dynamically change themselves as soon as a value is changed. A chart offers a powerful tool for tracking the projects progress since it is visually appealing. The best part is that excel charts and spreadsheets can be easily understood and interpreted.

An excel template has user-friendly built in functionality. This will accommodate a wide range of functions that are done during tracking and project management. In fact, some of these free tools and software, can even replace various other expensive software for your project management needs. This will hugely cut down the cost even while your project progresses. In other words, it will leave more money towards other resources that can be used for various important aspects of the project.

All these functionality have been well prepared. Hence, one does not even need to have knowledge of how to create the macros. The template’s ease of use, has made it a highly popular alternate to other costly project management software. You can easily download for free, various excel templates and spreadsheets for project management tracking, from the internet. This will save you time and money.

How can you use excel to assist in project risk management?

You can use an Excel document to assist you in developing a schedule for all your project risk management and related activities. A risk management template will define your risk management methodology that is meant to be used for a given project. This will indicate various time frames, risk assumptions, risk responsibilities and roles, risk thresholds, risk rating or scoring technique, risk tracking system and risk communications.

Excel Templates To Your Rescue In Risk And Project Management

If you are looking for an agile risk or project management template or software in an excel format, then there are plenty that you can use. There are excel worksheets that are made for specific general tasks such as budgeting or even keeping track of time. These templates are made for easy editing by a user. You can fill in your own values that fits your purpose.

If you manage a project, it is important to indicate how many tasks are due to happen and when they are due to happen. This will help you to explain major events within your project, to your team members and stakeholders. You can easily create a project management timeline in excel. You should keep track of time spent on different activities, involved in a project. Use the excel program for ascertaining that you are on the right track as far as project completion is concerned.

Where to Download Free And Easy To Use Excel Templates To Be Used For Tracking And Project Management

Listed below are some popular links from where you can download easy to use project management template. These sites have their templates organized in various categories based on the kind of functionality, a user would like. Top 5 websites where you can find free to download excel templates for tracking your project management are:

1. www.brighthubpm.com/templates-forms/80550-great-excel-templates-for-tracking-projects/

2. www.launchexcel.com/project-management-in-excel-1/

3. www.projectmanagementwatch.com/2013/01/25/useful-excel-templates-for-project-management/

4. www.projectkickstart.com/downloads/prxdownload.cfm

5. www.dovico.com/tips-templates.aspx?utm_expid=15018154-0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

Searching for project or risk management tracking templates, will offer word and excel templates. These are available in various Microsoft file types such as .xls etc. These templates can be downloaded and modified to meet the requirements of a user.

In order to use any of these templates, you will need to have a Microsoft office program installed on your computer. This in turn will help you to edit the templates and customize it as per your needs. The other aspects of a project will also take care of various charts and help you to show completion stages for the project.

Sharing Of Information

The use of an excel template for risk and project management tracking, will make it easier to share information with everyone else involved in your project. This will include information sharing with various other parties such as vendors, the upper and middle management, stakeholder and any client involved.

Remember, having all the key aspects of your project in check, will save you from delays and over-spending, which may have otherwise occurred due to a mismanaged resource.

File transfer and sharing of information using the above methods, becomes really easy since there is no need for you to install any additional software onto the other parties’ computer. You simply require an excel file that can be opened using the latest existing office program. Also, the multiple function use of the Microsoft excel spreadsheet will make it extremely economical to use. You will no longer have to dedicate an entire software towards project management, risk management and tracking.

In conclusion, an excel template for project management and project risk management for tracking of your project’s progress, risks etc, is a valuable tool. You can download these from over the internet absolutely free!

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