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Order Form Template in Excel

An Order form template is a document that is received by a business from a client, or even a different department of the same business, describing work to be done and/ or goods to be manufactured purchased. It’s usually customized to include more details that vividly describe the task.

Online Order Form Templates

Online order form templates are very effective in encouraging and facilitating purchases. They make it easy for customers to place orders and for your organizations to receive payments. With these forms, product and/ or service sale is not only simple and quick, but also safe. The following are some of the benefits an online order form brings to the various stake holders;

The vendor-the template enable sellers to offer differently priced products via the same online platform, easily receive orders and also accept payments through various payment processors.

The client-clients can place orders within a very short time. All they have to do is choose their product or service of choice and then provide the necessary identification as well as payment information.

The purchase process-it makes the purchase process safe and smooth. Using SSL encryption and field validation you can create secure forms that securely verify user input protecting sensitive data.

Contract between client and the seller-unlike purchase order form which is simple and contain less details, order form incorporates enough details hence it is ideal for huge commercial transactions involving specific products. The customers, therefore, has sufficient space to write all the details of products or services. It serves as a contract between the seller and the customer after the content of the order is agreed and settled.

How to create order form template in Excel

An order form in Microsoft Excel can perform powerful calculations and analysis on the data you enter. The following is a step by step procedure on how to create order form template in Excel;

Start by clicking View in Microsoft Excel, followed by Toolbars then Forms. This process will bring up your Excel forms toolbar, with options to check boxes, add text box or radio buttons.

After creating your form, protect your document. Go to tools and click Protect document, and then choose a password. By doing so, your document will be protected implying that others cannot edit your document, though they can merely fill the text boxes as well as other fillable options.


Drag and Drop: Anyone who has ever used a database application is aware of its complexity. Hiring a developer to create a form for your does not help either, due to persistent delays and huge communication barriers. Our form builder gives you the tools to simply drag and drop a marvelous form within few minutes. Whether you are computer wizard or a mere secretary who does not have detailed technical know-how, we will assist you gather data without writing a program.

Elegant appearance: our objective is not to help you generate forms that automatically perform their task. Instead, we intend to help you come up with the most elegant and stylish forms on the web. Our excellent designers have the expertise to help you create amazing themes that perfectly match your identity, and even apply the same to your invoices, reports and payment reports. You have the freedom to simply use your colors and logo, or select a professionally created palette from out gallery.

Simplicity: we have several copy-and-paste code snippets that you can use to embed your form to your blog post, website, Facebook page or newsletter. Besides, if you wish to only utilize our website to design your forms, you will be glad to know that we offer convenient zip files to simply add to your own database.

Keep your data nice and tidy: by designing a form with us, you will automatically create the database as well as validation encryption codes necessary to make the data you are gathering nice and clean. You can simply suggest any field you need, and we will take measures to ensure that emails are correctly formatted or that you meet your maximum number of words. We will also show errors in an easy to understand prompt to keep all your conversion rates extremely high.

Logic and branching: Our Rule creator enables you to formulate dynamic forms that follow logic you instructed to perform, such as skipping some pages, hiding and showing fields or emailing certain individuals according to selections you specify while filling out our forms. Do you have difficulty understanding Rules? We will help you out. We have a Rule Builder that has been specifically designed to make integrating and comprehending the logic you wish to add to your forms very easy.

Real time updates: your organizations depend on the ability to instantly react to the registrations and lead collected from your website. Using our forms, you will be able to receive real-time updates of the data being gathered from you clients to your favorite web apps. We provide several ways of delivering live updates concerning new transactions and payments facilitated by your forms. Other than dynamic reports you can simply customize yourself, we can send you text messages, secure RSS feed or emails to maintain your update on the money streaming in.

Our payment integration characteristics permit you to simply process credit cards from your clients after collecting data from them through our platform. Within minutes, you will be receiving donations, online orders and payments without writing a single code. We have partnered with most of the prominent payment providers available on the internet hence accord you the flexibility of processing credit cards with the provider of your choice. For instance, if you have an account with PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Chargify, Authosize.Net, FreshBooks or USA ePay, you will start receiving online orders without necessary fussing with complex documentation and API’s.


An order form template is a convenient excel file with 2 distinct work order forms. Each form is completely customizable and mainly geared towards repair, maintenance and service work. Allow us to help you create this wonderful form and start enjoying its many benefits now.

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