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Free Packing Slip Template For MS Office Word And Excel

A Packing Slip is an important document to be sent along with a shipment order. This document contains information about the contents of such shipment . The information is in relation to the shipment quantity, rates and product description.

Packing Slip Template For Microsoft Word

Usually, businesses prefer to use a customized layout for their templates. The template design contained here, has been created to record all of the necessary information. You merely have to move from the top to the base and choose the published text. Next, simply substitute it with your own published text. Personalize it in order to provide details regarding your organization’s name and your company’s brand.

Also, include details related to the recipients organization name and other necessary information. Finally, you will be required to include information regarding the amount requested, product titles, purchase order number, amount provided and various other vital information. The above template is really easy to use. It will also help you to save time.

Where you can download and get packing slip free templates for word or excel:

1. Microsoft

This template allows you to include a packing slip along with your product shipment. You can detail all the significant contents for your recipient. This template provides a column to specify the order quantity and another column to specify the shipping quantity. It will then automatically calculate the total.

2. Spreadsheet

The above website gives you a preview of a highly user-friendly templates that has been created using MS Excel. These templates have been designed as corresponding templates for both the sales invoice as well as purchase order. It is intended to be used in businesses that sell and deliver products. This spreadsheet has been created from a sales invoice and replicates the original.

How to create a packing slip template?

Packing slip templates essentially include two different template formats. One is in a portrait style and the other is offered as a landscape format. These are all provided on separate worksheets. Each of these can change colors by merely selecting an appropriate option from a drop down menu. Some of the above templates contain an extra column. These can be used in a check box to place a “tick” next to the product that is checked.

To make the process of customizing a template simpler for your business needs and corporate style, you can use the same design that has been used in many other templates. If you already use a service invoice, you can download a packing slip to use as a corresponding template which will save your time. It is also available in google docs, quickbooks and mac format.

Creating and sending a packing slip: It is recommended that you carefully go through all that you are require to do in order to customize and create your packing slip.

It might be a good ideal to use a spreadsheet tool for printing your packing slips. It is a simple, easy and free. It has been designed to compliment your purchase order or sales invoice templates. If you want to get an user friendly template, you can copy a worksheet into a sales invoice workbook. Next, link up all the cells.

Thus, you can prepare a new invoice. All of the information is then updated automatically. Although the collection of word templates is relatively small, you will still find it useful. At times, you cannot solve all the problems using Excel alone, so using a word templates helps.

Top Benefits of Using Packing Slip Templates

Helps Track orders

Often, a business chooses to include their copy of invoice along with the shipment. However, this could create confusion in case the client has already made a payment for the items. Thus, a packing slip will allow you to indicate whether a customer must expect multiple boxes. It will also indicate whether any item is on a back order.

Allows You To Include Various Product Details Such As Shipment Quantity And Rates

Packing Slip is also significant when officially dealing with a bank for payment processing. This is because they will need a proof of the shipment. A comprehensive and free download packing slip template that has been created using MS Word or Excel, can help anyone create a high quality packing slip quickly.

Simply download it and then open it with MS Excel or Word to start entering various product details such as shipment quantity and rates. You can easily download free Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word packing slip template from various websites.

Allows You To Include Other Vital Details Pertaining To Your Shipment – Ship to and from company name and address

You must also mention all the standard terms and conditions in relation to your shipment. This will allow the receiver to recall these terms while receiving product shipment. You must also mention the ship to as well as the ship from company name and address. This will help the reader even more. Usually, a packing slip is created using MS Excel as its template. However, you could also create it by using MS Word in case you are not familiarized with the MS Excel application.

Serves As A Proof Of Product Shipment Delivery

Businesses usually use packing slips to clearly indicate the quantity of shipment delivered. Also, it is more importantly used since it contains information on any undelivered boxes or items. This serves as a document that is sent to the customer along with shipment instead of sending an invoice. In other words, this invoice provides a great source to communicate with a client and avoid any misunderstanding, especially in an event where the payment is made in advance.

Remember to always send out two copies of your packing slips. One of these must be returned to your address, preferably with the customer’s signature. You can then use it as a proof of the shipment delivery. This in turn will help you obtain accurate information while preparing an invoice.

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