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Performance Review Template in Excel

You can now easily create and use an excel template to undertake your employee’s appraisal. These templates offer incredibly useful features that allow you to track as well as compare their appraisals. This in turn will enable you to monitor trends and keep a track of their growth over time.

How To Create A Performance Appraisal Template?

Regardless of whether you have employed a single worker or several full-time employees, the staff that works for you, is your most important and often the most expensive resource. Recording, tracking and appraising your staffs’ performance, will be beneficial to your organization and also help in their professional growth. MS excel is a highly versatile tool for undertaking your employees’ performance review, performance evaluation and performance appraisal cycle. This has made it fairly easy for you to customize spreadsheets for their annual or six monthly appraisals depending on the type of duties each employee performs.


1. Select a free MS Office template by visiting their official website. There is a free collection of several templates for every type of Microsoft office program including Excel. Their site contains a varied library of formatted and detailed documents for professional use.

2. Look for an employee performance document that will meet all of your criteria. Search for “performance review” or “performance evaluation” or “performance appraisal” in the search box at the very top of the template website. Next, press the “search” option.

3. Scroll through an array of searches for the right template that will apply to the kind of performance appraisals you require. Always pay attention to the Version information on each template and seek only those that utilize Microsoft Excel.

4. Note that performance appraisals widely vary in content. Choose an appropriate .xls template that is relevant to your business.

5. Click on the desired template. Take a look at the detailed options that offer additional information for your template.

6. You can also download an online free template to be used in your organization.

7. Open the downloaded excel template. The employee performance appraisal will open in a .xls format. Next, edit this worksheet to customize it and meet your own company scenario.

Performance appraisals are an extremely regular occurrence in every type of corporate setting. The frequency of an appraisal cycle often requires a ready formatted template. This will enable managers, employees and other workers to asses their overall productivity. The cycle and nature of employee appraisal widely varies among working environments.

How Can Performance Appraisal Be Made More Effective?

It is easily possible to create a highly functional appraisal template that will work incredibly well in Excel within just a few minutes. Here’s how you can make your performance appraisal far more effective.

1. Creating A Customized Worksheet

The Microsoft Office program offers thousands of templates. This includes several types of .xls appraisal and review templates as well as appraisal forms. You can make use of these templates after modifying them to suit your own purpose. In most situations, the top of the spreadsheet will include the appraisal cycle period, the date, the employee’s name and position. The evaluation segment can include any criteria you find significant such as demonstration of the employee skills and knowledge, abilities related to problem-solving, team work, innovation, punctuality etc. It is always a good idea to add the appraisal review guidelines on your appraisal worksheet. This should demonstrate the organizational citizenship behavior. This will allow you to ensure that you include the same criteria while rating the overall performance each time. Thus, for instance, if you have used a five-point scoring scale, then you should specify what the individual numbers represent.

2. Using The Check Box Option Instead Of Typing Out Various Parameters

Several of the employee appraisal templates make use of the check box options. Thus, you have to simply click instead of typing out the appraisal scores. In order to add a check box on your appraisal form, you can select “Options” after selecting it from the ‘File’ menu. Next, click on the “customize ribbon” from the options window and then activate the developer tab on the right side menu. When you are able to see the developer tab, click on it and then click on the “Insert” button inside the ribbon tab. You will be able to reveal the ‘controls’ options. This will include the ‘check-box’ option. After inserting the check box on your worksheet, you will be able to format by right-clicking and then selecting the “form control” from a drop-down menu.

3. Encouraging The Use Of Self-Appraisal Forms

If your organization’s HR policy allows employees to appraise their own progress, you should create an additional appraisal form on the basis of your own copy. Ensure that employees only enter specific required information without changing other fields or deleting cells that contain formulas. You can hide or protect the cells from being accidentally edited. Hide formulas by first selecting the cells that contain them and then selecting the “hidden” option within the format cell dialog box. Protect Sheet option is located in the ‘change group’ under the ‘review’ tab that you can select after you have finished creating the forms.

4. Consolidating Scores And Tracking Progress

You can use your excel workbook in order to create multiple spreadsheets for every employee. Each worksheet will contain a separate appraisal sheet. By consolidating the scores into a summary style worksheet, you will find it very useful. It will allow you to track and compare their performance over time. Also, you can easily use various features by creating an entirely new worksheet and then clicking on the “consolidate,” option. This option is available within the data tools section right below the data tab. Prior to using this feature, it is important that you ensure that every appraisal worksheet makes use of the exact same layout along with its corresponding data that occupies the same cells within each worksheet. After the data has been consolidated into a summary style worksheet, you can record and chart your employee’s progress by including a line graph.

MS excel is a useful program that can be easily and effectively used to help you create appraisal templates for repeated use. The program has an efficient interface that allows everyone to edit the template as the job conditions continue to change. Thus, it allows modifications in order to accommodate details related to the role and parameter change.

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