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Project Status Report Template In Excel

A project status report template is useful when you want to provide an update on how various aspects are moving within a project. You can create a single project report or even multiple project reports, as you wish. It can be used for management and sponsor meetings.

Why It Is Important?

(Example of a Project Status Report Template)
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Are you considering using a project progress template in excel? Well, then look no further! A template will assist you in providing updates on how a specific project is progressing. You should first set a timeline to complete an assignment. Next, you should mark out the areas that are on schedule and areas that are lagging behind time. The excel sheet will allow you to indicate various items such as:

  • Which milestones have been completed?
  • Which milestones are remaining?
  • Which key issues require management attention?
  • What progress has been achieved?

These templates will help you kick-start your reporting process regarding your project progress. It will guide you in filling out the exact content for reports and documentation. Whenever you are stuck in any project and are unsure how to document various issues, deliverable or other concepts, you should consider tracking your work progress with the help of a template.

Every professional project manager understands the significance of accumulating and updating templates based on their work progress in multiple projects. There are various templates out there that you can use. However, you should pick the few key ones which will really work for you. Try sticking to a selected template to help you maintain uniformity.

When To Use It?

Use these templates whenever you want to report on any project hindrances, obstacles, progress, milestones, brain-storming etc. Since they offer a comprehensive and crucial update, it is highly suitable for reporting to middle and senior management. For additional ground level update, you may require added supplementing in the form of an issue log.

It is fairly challenging to create a status report template from scratch. It is therefore recommended that you use a specific version and stick to it till the end of your project. Various versions can be downloaded online.

The key responsibility of every project manager is to let their coworkers and seniors know how their project is coming along. With so many spreadsheets to opt from these days, it has become challenging to determine which key points should be noted and tracked that would be ultimately useful to everyone involved in the project. This is one key reason why many individuals heavily rely on Microsoft excel to track their different project management related tasks.

Project Management And Project Reporting

The excel project report template has been designed to offer a generic solution for planning and managing any project. By identifying key business areas, processes, project proposal, funding, specific objectives, valuation etc, progress can be accurately monitored. You could calculate the actual time spent on every task versus the allocated time to be spent.

The project’s performance can be properly monitored by implementing various best practice. An automated creation and updating in excel workbooks, is greatly helpful.This is helpful all through the project life cycle.

Management and reporting is one of the most significant aspect of project management. The excel project templates are designed to offer a generic solution for both the experienced as well as the novice project managers.

If you are looking for a simple yet comprehensive tool to assist you in planning, tracking and managing your project, then this is your trusted solution. A management dashboard within a project reporting, will provide all of the crucial information related to your task in a snapshot. Whenever you work on a leading project, you will be required to answer questions like:

What are the key issues you should worry about?
How far has the project moved?
What is the progress of individual activities within the whole project?
Are you on track with respect to resources, budget etc?

Answering these questions to your team, management, stake-holders and sponsors, will be really easy if you have already prepared a good project report. The basic advantage of using a ready template, is that it allows you to focus more on your project rather than preparing the excel work. It will provide all the core requirements for status reporting in an easy to use and simple application.

Excel Progress Reporting Template!

Excel project templates offers ways to boost your efficiency and productivity. Although it is true that Microsoft excel is easy to learn and use, yet most project managers find themselves hard pressed for time. This is where the ready to use a set of defined template, will help you. If you are experienced in managing larger projects, you would know that a project progress status template can help you become more efficient and productive while managing projects. These templates will help you in:

  • Project Planning through Gantt Charts
  • Project Tracking through Time Sheets, Risk Trackers and Issue Trackers
  • Project Management through To do Lists
  • Project Reporting through Status Reports, Dashboards and Charts

These templates run on all versions of the excel application for Windows and Mac. Thus, it also serves as a cross platform solution for project progress reporting. Due to several powerful features such as personalized formatting, excel charts etc, it is incredibly easy to set up and update an all extensive project status report in excel.

Most project managers are required to complete a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly project status report template, to update their sponsor about the development of a specific assignment. This involves obtaining inputs from various people and various data sources. Hence, it is often a time consuming task. However, you can now create a customized report to suit your needs. Thus, you could decide whether or not to include upcoming tasks which are due to be completed in the course of the week. You could choose to exclude tasks that are overdue.

By generating a stylish report, you can show to your sponsor that your project is on track and is being well managed. You can also view, email and print it at any time. Your report can be emailed directly to your superiors or sponsors. This will save you time and efforts. Thus, this can also make the entire process of project reporting incredibly easy!

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