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Regression Analysis in Excel

In this tutorial I will teach you how to do regression analysis in Excel 2013.
Regression analysis is done to analyze large data and make estimation based on that analysis.
Here is how regression analysis is done in excel.

Open Excel and input your numbers that you want regression analysis to be done on. One will be the dependent variable (Y Range) and other one will be independent variable (X Range).

Now we will start the analysis.

On the Data tab in excel, Click on Data Analysis:

Note: If you can’t see the Data Analysis section, please go to File > Options > Add-Ins and Find Analysis tool pack. Make sure that its under “Active application addins” section.

The Data Analysis button will open up a Data Analysis dialogue Box. Select “Regression” and Click “OK”

This will open up Regression Analysis Menu.

Please Select Y range into the “Input Y Range” section. Select the X range into the Input X Range Section.

Select the “Labels” checkbox in order to generate the same labels as per your data.

Click “OK”.

This will auto generate summary data.

To format the cells to look better, select the cells and then go to Home > Cells section > Format > Auto fit column Width.

The end result will be exploration done through regression analysis tool in excel.

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