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Sales Forecast Template In Excel

Forecasting business transactions for your products or services is the initial point for every financial projection. This type of forecasting is significant to the overall financial planning for your business. To record every sale opportunity undertaken by your organization, you must consider using a simple tracking and forecasting spreadsheet.

What Is A Sales Forecast Template?

(Example of Sales Forecast Template)

Download Free Sales Forecast Template

This type of a template includes an easy to use excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will allow you to track and manage your vending predictions. You can use it both while working all by yourself or within a team. If you do not want to regularly share any of your data with colleagues, you should consider maintaining a separate spreadsheet. However, if you are a part of a larger team or have higher volume of leads to meet, you could consider employing a template or software.

In case you do not have a proper system in place that can help you manage your business transaction forecasting, you could easily download a free forecasting template in an excel spreadsheet. A simple .xls spreadsheet will allow you to record all your current sale opportunities. Also, it will calculate your existing deals forecast.

Additionally, you will be able to predict your possible shortfall for the coming year on the basis of your current forecast. Hence, it is imperative that you only include realistic estimates. In addition to recording the existing opportunities for a successful sale, it is also a good idea to record all the leads that you have been working on.

Use a simple lead tracking spreadsheet that allows you to track leads that could get converted into a sale opportunity. An efficient web based excel system can help you to manage every sale, lead and sale forecasting. These are suitable for every type of organization ranging from small to mid size to large size. Regardless of your business being a self managed business or a large corporate or group, you can successfully use a ready spreadsheet.

How To Create A Sales Forecast In Excel?

With the advent of advanced software and excel programs, forecasting is no longer a daunting task. You now have the opportunity to precisely predict the future events for selling an array of goods and services. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular programs that is being used in forecasting a sale. This powerful spreadsheet software will allow a user in forecasting future events on the basis of a detailed statistical analysis.


Step 1. Open a MS excel spreadsheet. Enter data that is correct, ordered and complete. You need to include enough historical data to accurately perform the analysis. The longer the forecast timeline, the greater accuracy you will derive while carrying out the forecast. Your data should be entered from the oldest to the newest. In case there is some missing data for a specific time period, then you can include an estimate for the missing numbers as accurately as possible. Also, the time period needs to be uniform. Thus, for instance, you should always compare year to year and month to month.

Step 2. Enter your data into the excel spreadsheet. Next, title the columns in an appropriate way. For instance, one column can be titled as years and the other titled as sales. You need to also highlight any data that needs to be included for forecasting purposes. Choose “Insert” from the main menu. Select “Chart” from the insert menu. Click on the standard type tab on the chart’s dialogue box . Find the chart option and then click on “Line”. Finally, select “Finish”.

Step 3. Determine your trend lines by clicking into the chart area which was just created. A chart menu will appear. Within the menu, choose “Add trend line.” A trend line dialogue will be present. Select the type tab within the trend line dialogue box. Click on linear under the type tab. Next, click on the options tab and select it. Type the number of years that needs forecasting in the forward box. Make sure that it displays the R-square valued option by checking on it. Next, select “OK”.

Step 4. Understand what each R-squared value indicates. The closer a R-squared value appears to another one, the greater is the accuracy of the data set that is being predicted. The various types of trend lines could require a change to the R-squared results. This will ensure added accuracy.

Step 5. Changing the trend line will allow you to verify data accuracy. Firstly, select the chart. Next, from the ‘format menu’, click on the “selected trend line” option. Change the trend line type to logarithmic. Now, repeat the previously stated steps in order to change these to a moving average trend line.

Try all three trend line types to give you a better idea of the most accurate type based on the R-squared results.

What Are The Benefits Of Sales Forecasting?

It helps in accurate revenue forecast for any type of business plan. You can easily carry out a sales forecast for five years with the help of a sales forecast calculator. You can derive a detailed report template in excel. There are various other benefits as listed below:

1. Offers an easy to use sale and revenue forecasting database management system.
2. Provides an automated processing for tracking of sale leads.
3. Helps create dashboards and reports .
4. Will help you to set a target and benchmark.
5. A highly customizable spreadsheet workflow saves valuable time.

Creating an accurate forecasting for an upcoming year, is now become an easy task. This is especially useful when you are busy trying to achieve your current targets. Fortunately, you could also use the prior year’s sales data and other tools in the excel 2003 program. This will help you to predict future transactions with the help of a chart.

Remember, you do not have to be an expert at excel programming in order to create your forecast. This is because excel will automatically make the computations for you. Keep in mind, the final forecasting for the transaction revenue projection will only be as accurate as your baseline input data. Hence, you need to ensure that you gather enough data to indicate meaningful trends.

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