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Sales Receipt Template In Excel

Looking for reliable and simple sales receipt solution for your business? The MS Excel sales receipt template is customizable and flexible enough. Most of the sales receipt templates in excel are available for free download. This is better than investing in an expensive billing software.

Need For Sales Receipt Template!

If you are buying or selling a boat, a vehicle, a used car etc, you will require a receipt of sale. To allow you to speed up your selling process, you could use a receipt of sale template. There are several excel sale receipt templates available for free download as Excel file (.xls).

Free templates can be found at:

While providing accurate information, it is necessary to include detailed information about the sales process. The used car sales receipt defines a format in which the receipts are designed for use. It is an excel document in a ready to use format.

A template allows both the seller and the buyer to keep records of the vehicle sale transaction. Thus, instead of purchasing some sort of costly invoicing software, you must consider creating or using a ready sales receipt spreadsheet in excel.

How To Prepare A Sales Receipt Template?

Sales receipt template for excel is available in different formats that can be used as separate worksheets. This makes customization fairly easy while creating a custom receipt form for your business.

Download a sales receipt excel template and customize it. Include your contact details, the name of your current business and your business address. Next, save your receipt as a template file (.xls) in a folder of your choice in your computer.

This will give you an easy access to your pre-populated invoice whenever you require it. Listed below are key descriptions of some important fields used in a sales receipt. Preparing a sales receipt as an excel template for your customers, is fairly easy:

1. Open a saved template and update it regularly with a new customer’s details
2. Assign an invoice number
3. Save the file with a number of your receipt instead of a name. For instance save it as 0011.xls. This will allow you to look for this file easily, the next time you need it again.

Used Car Sales Receipt Templates In Excel

Are you looking for a receipt of sale template in excel for car sale? Well, you can now create your very own car receipt of sale. Whether you are selling a boat or car, make sure to issue a receipt of sale. There are several download for free car sales receipt templates on http://excel-car-sales-invoice-template.downloads.filehungry.com/.

As a car sales dealer or a used car dealer, maintaining a good record about all your dealings, is really important. This is because it will reflect your professionalism. It is recommended for you to fill out the sales receipt rightly. This document is important, especially for a used car, for a seller and buyer both. For a seller, a used car receipt of sale will confirm that the buyer now becomes responsible for the sold car.

The first step is to fill in your business name, item sold, the sale price and date. This sales receipt must be prepared in two sheets. You must keep one for your records and give the other part to your customer. Thus, both of you can keep a record of the deal. If you want, you can provide additional information which is important for you to track.

Seller’s Details Includes the following information:

Seller’s name:
Seller’s driver’s license number:
Car Registration:
VIN/chassis/engine no:
Agreed condition:

Buyer’s Details Includes The Following Information:

Amount received:
Buyer’s name:
For (cross out): Deposit / Full Payment
Seller’s signature:
Buyer’s signature:

A sales receipt template will help you to prepare your receipts for all types of goods. A few basic variations can be made as per your specific needs.

Any value within this template is supposed to be replaced with your customer’s or company information. You can customize a spreadsheet by entering your business’s name and address first and save these customized spreadsheets as a template .xls file.

Sales Receipt Template Types!

1. A Basic Sales Invoice Receipt: A primary invoice tool consists of an array of features

2. A Sales Invoice Receipt With Remittance: This tool is designed similar as the first one except for an additional feature of a remittance slip included at the bottom.

3. A Price List Option: It allows you to choose a product from the drop-down list. Thus, you can use a sales invoice with a price list worksheet.

Firstly, you need to define a list of products and include their item numbers along with their unit prices, in a price list worksheet. Next, you can select the items from a drop-down list. The item number and unit price gets included automatically.

A sales receipt template will include a single excel workbook along with several worksheet tabs. This will give you the option to include a remittance slip or select an item from your pre-defined price list.

Sales receipt templates have been designed as a professional and simple solution for your clients or customers. Unlike a service invoice template, a sales receipt lets you specify your product quantity, unit price and item number. The calculation is done for you. This will include specific shipping and handling, other fees and tax rate.

You can send the sales receipt to a customer directly. A ready receipt can be printed from a standard printer. This can be faxed or mailed to your customer or it can be printed in a .xls format.

Easy to personalize and easy to use templates come with formulas for automatic calculation of taxes and shipping costs. The templates are free and are available for past as well as current version of Excel. For several interesting templates, you can also visit office.microsoft.com.

You must issue a sales receipt template to your customers when the payment is made either by check, cash or credit card. All the fields related to the method of payment, salesperson, payment amount, date of sale etc, should be filled out without any discrepancy.

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