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Top 5 Excel Templates For All Your Financial Tracking

An excel template is an incredible tool to use if you standardize your business expense reports. Most companies already maintain an Office or similar products loaded on their business computers. Hence, using a template can help in the standardization process.

Listed below are the Top 5 Excel Templates For All Your Financial Tracking:

1. Excel Schedule Templates And Financial Templates For Business Accounting


Free financial templates in excel are available online to assist you in tracking your cash flow reports, loan amortization schedules and income statements. You can now generate your very own financial statement using various areas as applicable. Simply fill-in data related to expenses, revenues, tax rates, depreciation, investments, assets purchased, assets sold and loans.

This financial template will easily aid you in ascertaining if you have exceeded your budget or whether you are on track. It will show you the actual amount spent on various expenditures. You can create hourly schedule, weekly schedule, monthly schedule and a yearly schedule.

For a longer time frame, it might be a good idea to go with a quarterly period. Remember, an annual trend tends to be very long. After all, you cannot always predict what will happen beyond a few years with accuracy unless you are valuing an annuity.


A financial template is created to verify and ensure the accuracy of the indicated data. The template is made easier for an average Excel user. Thus, it will save you the worries about any complex macros. It will provide the same workbooks for a detailed and summary view of a primary accounting system. This will save your time and guarantee that all of the key formulas are adequately protected from indefinite alterations.

This template will allow you to create your individualized or business budgets in order to determine the cash outflows. These free financial templates acquired over the internet, are useful in correctly ascertaining your purchases and proper allocation of business finances

2. Excel Loan Amortization Template


Every business needs funds for their operations. Many companies necessitate taking a loan to fund their expenses and other specific activities that will result in its profitability. Monitoring the loan amortization is extremely important so that you do not miss any payment.

After downloading an excel loan amortization schedule, you simply have to fill-in numerous cells and the amortization amount as well as payment schedule will be provided to you.


After filling up the cells detailing important data, the template will provide information on the number of scheduled payments, the date of payment and the running balance on your loan payment. You can also see the amount applied towards the principal and interest you paid.

Excel offers this ready template that you can download in order to efficiently monitor your loan. This template will help you to maintain a high credit standing. As a result, you will be able to acquire a future loan at a better rate.

3. Excel Portfolio Optimization Template


An excel portfolio optimization template will provide flexibility to help you adapt to various business scenarios. Unlike any other software pertaining to financial matters, an excel template is easy to use. These require minimal inputs. These inputs are often subjective and can help in offering the correct analysis.

A quantifiable value will help understand the best allocation related to capital that is being used for various assets. In recent years of economic uncertainty, a well-planned financial strategy will help ensure that business capital is increased and losses are minimized.


When using this application to determine value, size and business potential, it is imperative that you create a business performance forecast. This forecast must reflect the long-term instead of just the near future. By using this template, you will be able to create an expected and optimistic forecast based on your judgment.

Your return on investment (ROI) and the overall financial evaluation, is presented in both tabular and graphical form. Every business owner can benefit from correctly understanding the excel tools available in order to build an effective portfolio investment analysis.

4. Excel Cash Flow Template


Major part of fundamental financial analysis for any business project, company or investment security, entails accurate computations of cash flow. This is essentially done in cash flow template within Excel spreadsheets that are pre-built for this purpose.

This template is not just a simple calculator. It requires considerable amount of thinking and organizing of the spreadsheet and formulas. Also, it requires some planning about allocating cash in as well as cash out for all potential investments. In other words, there is an individualized approach since every potential investment will have a different profit and loss driver.


One important thing to consider, is the type of data you will be required to work with, for your cash flow templates in Excel spreadsheet. This template is ideal if you are looking for an accurate monthly data. It will help compute income statement items such as revenue, operating expenses and the balance sheet items such as cash from financing and equipment purchases.

5. Excel Budget Template


You can easily improve your cash flow by using an excel budget template to help you manage your budget. This will improve the overall cash flow significantly. Also, you will be able to gain better control of your money. This tool is great for money management by way of budgeting and fund allocation.


You can improve the financial aspects of your life and business by creating a budget that helps manage all your expenses and cash flow. You do not have to purchase an expensive software. Simplify your life by using an Excel Template that will accommodate all your financial preferences. There are countless options available on the internet. Many of them are downloadable for free!

Remember, managing your personal and business expenses, can be effectively assisted by using Excel templates. Businessmen prefer to use them since they are readily available and come in various forms. You do not have to worry about creating spreadsheets on your computer. Just download the Excel templates onto your computer and effectively adapt them to meet your business needs!

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