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Work Order Template In Excel

An easy-to-use Excel template will enable you to create simple and standardized work or job orders. You can now write up all your work orders with a professionally-designed excel template. These can also be modified, saved and printed with ease. A template will detail various services sold by your organization.

What Is A Work Order Template?

(Example of Work Order Form)

Work Order Template

Download Work order template

These templates provide detailed or general authorization to help you perform specific jobs. Although these are often used synonymously with a job order, yet work orders are usually wider in scope than job orders.

The world’s most preferred excel spreadsheet will show you just how greatly it can impact your business. Microsoft excel is used in such an extensive number of places that it is sometimes challenging to realize just how significantly it is used in businesses. The bottom line is that even a relatively small business can find various uses for these templates.

How To Create A Work Order Template?

Majority of these templates are printed with the company’s name, address and other vital details. The client’s information needs to be carefully filled in. These type of orders are significant in all types of businesses that provide service to the general public. Various businesses such as home improvement, heating, plumbing, automotive and roofing service businesses need to have a job order at every stage of work. These orders are written in a specific form by an executive or it may be entered into the establishment’s software system. It is then be executed or forwarded to a relevant department. Here’s how it is created.


1. Open MS excel application or download an online template. Create a row for the location or address for where a specific work type is to be performed. You could include an office or unit number.

2. Include a row for the start date of the job and the date of final completion. Create the date of entry next to the line where the person who will originally take the order, can sign. The completion date needs to be accompanied by a row for the name of an employee who completes the job.

3. You can also create an optional field for additional information. This field could include the total costs, parts or work hours required to complete the job. You could also include an extra section for notes.

4. It is vital that you decide on your format. Few work orders are included in a checklist form whereas others are supposed to be included in sections. Few orders are highly specific to a specific task or department. Such type of orders will only require columns and a date of completion for noting these tasks.

5. You can easily print the form after writing your orders within the rows for every new item. Use a new column to fill in the quantity, description and item number. Column for the number of units, the price and job identification, should be indicated in the item line. You can also note the shipping method, shipping terms and delivery date in the notes section.

Keep in mind, every order form is unique. The complexity of your order form will depend upon the requirement of the requested work.

Things To Be Included In Job Order Forms And Quickbooks!

1. Include The Client’s Information

Most job order forms are created with the client and establishment’s information properly filled in. This will usually include the company’s name, address and phone number. You can also include the start time and date and also the expected time and date when the job will be completed. Thus for instance, an auto repair work order will include a specific time given to the customer when they can come and pick up their vehicle.

2. Include Details Of The Work That Needs To Be Carried Out Within The Work Order Format

The key section of your job order form will essentially give the specifics of exactly what needs to be done and what the requirements are. This will help the service technician to determine what needs to be undertaken to rectify a suggested problem. This segment will clearly indicate how to ensure that the work is successfully completed. Any additional details on the problem must be indicated on your job order.

3. Include Information Of The Materials To Be Used In The Work Order Request

Any materials needed to successfully complete the work needs to be correctly indicated on the job order form. If an automotive repair order requires specific replacement parts, it needs to be clearly indicated as well. If for instance, there is any indication for installing new motor blades or windshield wiper, tell the mechanic what needs to be done and which parts are required. Notes must be added if a customer has already provided the parts. The materials department will recognize immediately what will apply to all their job orders. An automotive job order may also show few deductions for the basic charges on auto parts. However, in the instance of a telephone repair service order, there won’t be any need for materials to be used.

4. Information Details Of The Payments And Deposits For Work Order Tracking

Any payment or deposits from a customer will be specifically indicated within the payments and costs section, if applicable. The automotive work orders will show a customer’s cost incurred for the parts required as well as a listing for any relevant labor charges plus taxes. A work order needs to be marked as “Paid” once the customer makes a payment. You will be required to also indicate the type of payment made by the customer. However, the actual credit card numbers or account details should never be put in the job orders. These orders are usually initialed or signed by the person who is in-charge of completing the work.

Businesses that regularly take orders cannot afford to write out all the specifications by hand. This can be fairly time consuming and result in unnecessary redundancy. Also, by individually typing up every form, it will take up way too much time each day. By simply using an excel form template, you will be able to easily find just the perfect solution you are seeking to print the order forms each time you require one.

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